i'm too old for this shit.


Grace Hartzel for Saint Laurent - Pre Fall 2014 Collection
Photographed by: Heidi Slimane 
all white, the best in streetwear clothing and lifestyle goods.
It’ll feel like loving a hurricane. So maybe, maybe you’re thinking that it’ll be easier if you just left. Maybe you’ll find a better one. Know this: if she asks you to stay, she will do it once. If you slam the door shut behind you she will shrug her shoulders, wrap herself in her own fight and wait for someone strong enough to love her.

Michael Kors FW 14

MW 33 by Marcel van der Vlugt, 2006 (from A New Day series)
My alley-find game is strong.

Tissue Magazine, #5

Ph. Paolo Sutch for Dazed & Confused, 1997 
I think I keep telling myself you never loved
me at all because it is far less terrifying a
prospect than the possibility you did, you truly
did, but all of a sudden, and for no particular
reason, you stopped.
Beau Taplin || How I sleep at night.

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